About Us
The organization believes and initiates the principle of community empowerment and strives to organize the community through collectives like Farmers Club, Farmer Producer Organizations and Self Help Groups to ensure their stakes and participation in their development holistically leading to a collective decision making for sustainable growth with higher economic returns. The organization facilitates collective decision-making by community members and encourages evolution of democratic leadership amongst the people leading to formation of people’s institutions and further the cause of development.
Thematic Area
  Agriculture focusing on conservation agriculture, supply chain management, agri entrepreneurship
  Allied sectors including poultry, goatery, duckery, piggery and fishery
  Training and Capacity Building
  Farm Mechanization
  Skilling and Employment primarily Entrepreneurship
  Rural Enterprises
  Agri & Fisheries Tourism
Credibility of the Organization
  Enjoys the confidence of donors, government officials at local, regional and state level, corporate and the community stakeholders.
  Recognized at the regional and state level for empowering the farmers through the outstanding works done in agriculture.
  Recognized by the Department of Agriculture, West Bengal as the key training organization for Mat Seedling and Paddy Transplanter in the entire State
  Emerged as the key Training provider for the farmers, officials, FPOs, SHGs, FPCs.
  Commended by international agencies like ACIAR, CIMMYT for its outstanding work.
  One of the most valued partners of NABARD, KVK, Department of Agriculture, Department of Fisheries, and UBKV in Coochbehar District.
  Corporate like Mahindra Samridhi, National Agro Ludhiana, Yanmar Coromandel and Southern Agro Engine Pvt Ltd are all partnering with SSCOP in expanding their businesses in North Bengal.
  Godrej Agrovet (GAVL) is supporting SSCOP with their CSR fund in the agriculture sector.
  Fullerton India is also supporting with their CSR funds in rural entrepreneurship domain
  SSCOP has been awarded both at National and at Regional level for its outstanding work
  Has created a Startup Company Coochbehar Agri and Fisheries Services Pvt Ltd
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  Satmile (O) ,Vill: Chhatelajan, PO: Elajaner Kuthi, Block: Coochbehar-I, P.S: Kotwali, Dist: Cooch Behar, State: West Bengal,
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